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4 pieces of Neil Rogers works. A tribute to a giant of a human being who's left for safer climes. Thank you neil, Vis and Martin.Extraordinary Movie by Dan Williams. Produced by Zu Al-Kadiri. A Mill Production. Sound by Black Iris. https://vimeo.com/42853344boxer http://www.profilesinevil.com/2011/04/orders-from-hell-western-zio-ogre.... woveninhumanityfalse composuremind insanitybased in vanityconfusion drawndressed in wickednessshadow bornruptured patternsvampire screamsdesecrating lifetalmudic dreamssteeped in failureself abusedcrashed itselfso it loses-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------woman http://www.visibleorigami.com/2011/01/cost-of-celebrity-and-price-of-fam... tongue scatteringruthless demons shreik devilry dismemberingunstable in what it seeksweakened minds unsatisfiedwho poison sky and earthpractising in ruthlessnessdeath cult sold its worththe sound of harmonizing piercesubliminaly in wailreach within the momentarypathway in detaila trail of starlight thunder burst magnify and beamfreedom resonating lifeenergizing stream.---------------------------man http://www.visibleorigami.com/2011/01/what-if-we-all-just-tried-little-h... world order death cultchildren skinned to boneindigenous cultures savagedminds in all alonebroken nations shriekingdeceived and made to payfailed by institutionsinfected with dismaytalmudic scholar ritualscabalistic pig scribed liesnew world order death cultfrom the truth it hide'sthe moment of fatalityreactive will exactnew world order death cultinside itself is trapped.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------blood http://www.visibleorigami.com/2009/11/it-would-have-been-radio-show.html... mother naturetruth awakerwho loves every one equallyeven liars and fakersshe holds all in her arm'sthrough out their lifedown feels heaviershe breathes lightshe blows the heart of all menbut men wont listenthey play forget and pretend not riseneye for an eye tooth for a tooth's what they playand when you dont look they lie decieve and dazethen they have got you dangling on the line another slave shackled with the eye of the blind I saw the seethe blind mans blood live in the wilderness by a tree in the old mans woodmother loves all but when she blows, stand stoodthe sun ray shine's light's up good

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