Mass Conditioning: Selling Antediluvian Technology As "Alien" Technology 6/6

A great example of conditioning the masses for the coming "alien disclosure" lie: the 1973 documentary called In Search of Ancient Astronauts based on Erich von Däniken's work of disinformation- Chariots of the Gods. This final segment shows the many ancient airstrips of Nazca. If you believe that ancient astronauts were "aliens" and not the descendants of the watchers; you have to ask yourself, "why would real alien craft even need these huge airstrips like modern jets do?" This was obviously a place of air travel for the masses. If you are not aware the ancients had aircraft, look into the golden Mayan figurines resembling modern military jets and the jet in the 'Abydos helicopter' hieroglyphics (see links below). Vimanas and vailixi for the elitists would not have needed such airstrips for take-off and landing.

This film introduced the world to the young Carl Sagan. Though he does try to hint that God may be an "alien", I find great pleasure in the fact that he is here recorded as saying there is NOT even the slightest proof of any "alien" contact any time in this planet's history. [turn annotations on]

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