'Repelled suicide bombers trying to enter police departments' [Syria News (ENG) ~ 23-Jun-2013]

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23_06_2013 ~ Syria News (ENG) ~ Suicide bombers trying to enter two police and security departments in Damascus repelled ~ Army units repel attack on Minnegh Airport, kill terrorists in other areas in Aleppo ~ Prison sentence and fine imposed upon people who enter Syria illegally ~ PM stresses on participatory approach between legislative and executive authorities ~ Al-Halqi condemns instigative fatwas of some clergymen ~ Salehi: Iran rejects imposing external will on the Syrians ~ Spanish interior minister: the dismantled network of 50 terrorists belong to al-Nousra Front * Video News from National Syrian Television Vidéo Nouvelles de la Télévision Syrienne Video Noticias de la Televisión Siria Video Notizie dalla Televisione Siriana * FOR THE TRUTH, FOR SYRIA Video-Evidence of the Conspiracy Against Syria * Recorded from Syrian National Television by SyrianFreePress.net Network Syrian Patriotic Freelancers Network . http://www.syrianfreepress.net/ http://www.tg24siria.com/ http://syrianpatriot.com/ http://syrianfreepress.wordpress.com/ http://tg24siria.wordpress.com/ *

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