Barack Obama's Photo "Lie"ography

  • Uploaded by Holy42 on Jun 24, 2013
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Part 3 of my new mini eBook , soon to be released. Before 2004, the media had never heard of Barack Obama. They did not know about his birth place, his family, his education, his religion, his background, and his whereabouts.They still do not know. Everything they thought they know about Obama was fabricated for their benefit from that point forward.All of these photos "made available to the public" by the Obama Campaign and Obama's "family and friends" are forgeries created for the conspiracy to package, sell, and elect an illusion of the perfect Presidential candidate.A conspiracy put Obama into politics. A conspiracy put him in office. A conspiracy is keeping him in power.The Journolist conspiracy was one of hundreds of similar conspiracies to keep Americans from knowing they are being conned by the biggest criminal conspiracy in modern history.

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