Two Unidentifed Objects Photographed over McAlester, Oklahoma

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Witness Statement:
McAlester, Oklahoma - 06-21-13 - On June 21, 2013 I decided to start marking the sunset as it met the horizon to make me a rock calendar kind of like Stonehenge.

I picked out a spot on the west side of my property, placed a rectangle rock next to a fence post and spray painted the post gray.

I sat my Iphone on top of my tripod to mark the heading of where the sun was setting and what heading I was facing to make sure that I can make the same observation each month as the sun sets.

I snapped a couple of photos of the sun setting and then turned my attention to the hills north of where I was standing.

I snapped a couple of shots and then came into the house to download them on my computer. As I was going through the pictures, I noticed these two triangle shaped objects that I had not seen while taking the pictures.

I then cropped the picture to enlarge the objects. At first glance I thought they might have been birds, but I've never taken any pictures of birds in flight that look like these.

Upon further observation of the objects, I noticed that the one on the left bottom appears to be behind some telephone wires that are approximately 150 yards down my driveway which makes the object appear to be very large.

The second object appears to be behind the leaves of the tree that is approximately 30 yards in front of me, and also appears to be very large. I took two pictures just a few seconds apart and the objects are only in one of the photos.

Im not saying these are UFOs; well I guess they are because I cannot Identify them.

I just wanted to send the pics in to you and maybe you can help me identify what they are.

Camera used - Canon EOS D60

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