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The UFO Enigma of Flying Spheres - 2013 FREE Movie

  • Grey
  • uploaded: Jun 24, 2013
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FREE 1-HOUR MOVIE. From UFOTV, accept no imitations. They have been seen by thousands of eye witnesses. Since World War 2, strange Flying Spheres have been reported and filmed making impossible maneuvers compared to terrestrial aircraft. They can avoid radar and even disable tracking and flight instrumentation. They have been seen by military pilots, airline pilots, NASA space shuttle pilots, and even International Space Station personnel. Is their origin extraterrestrial? Despite all efforts, Flying Spheres still remain a mystery to UFO researchers. This program presents everything we now know about this amazing mystery along with a stunning selection of authentic video footage of the Flying Spheres. UFO SECRET The Enigma of Flying Spheres - Coming soon to iTunes and Special Edition DVD from UFOTV. Visit us online - Go to 2013 UFOTV Distributed by UFOTV, a UFO Video, Inc. Company.

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  • Cosmicimp#

    Cosmicimp June 25, 2013 3:33:19 PM CEST

    Grey on DTV stands for Grey-t uploader....another jewel I thought I lost had no back up for this doc...nice one Grey....anyone new to this field, I encourage you to watch this docu, it has many classic clips that have since been lost in singular sighting vids....Cosmic Imp

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