Metals in Chemtrails Used W/ H.A.A.R.P Causing Global Warming ☁☢☁====✈

The US has discovered a way to manipulate the Earth's atmospheric rivers and use it as a weapon of mass destruction. The Clinton administration (Al Gore as vice-president) began funding this new star wars weapon system in 1996. HAARP (High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program) was created to give the US Force the capability of "Owning the Weather". HAARP was developed as a weather modification system to achieve military objectives. HAARP scientists were given the task by Bill Clinton and Al Gore to manipulate or alter certain aspects of the environment to produce desirable changes in weather. HAARP achieved what it was ordered to do when it developed a system of phased array antennas that beams gigawatts (1 gigawatt = 1 billion watts) of electricity into the protective ionosphere of Earth's atmosphere. The billions of watts of electricity beamed by HAARP heats up a targeted area of Earth's atmosphere. The heating manipulates the weather by pushing the Earth's Atmospheric Rivers upwards. HAARP atmospheric heating creates a low pressure system that pushes the Atmospheric Rivers upwards where the water vapor condenses and forms precipitation (rain, snow). As Atmospheric Rivers are 400-600 km wide and carries an amount of water vapor roughly equivalent to 10-20 times the average flow of liquid water at the mouth of the Mississippi River HAARP is able to create extreme rainfall and massive floods. Bernard Eastlund invented 1984-HAARP, 1997-LVVP, 1968-Fusion Torch. His Vision was to assist the US government against attack, reuse of spent fuel, mitigate tornado's and vaccines for pandemics. These are just a few of his contributions-all of which were meant for the good of the planet. He lectured at many Universities, worked with renown physicists and provided scholars with technologies rivaled only by Tesla. Please contact me if you are interested in making video's so we can get this information out there. Here is but a few of his focus. ENERGY Nuclear Fusion Power Fusion Competitiveness - Fusion Torch Power Plus Recycling - Fusion Torch Nuclear Fission Power Waste Volume Reduction - HANFORD Symbiotic Nuclear Power In-Situ Electricity Production Electricity from Coal - MEMSCOAL Electricity from Oil - MEMSOIL Electricity from Shale - MEMSSHALE Oil Production Paraffin and Hydrate Control - Paratrol Microwave Production - Heavy oil Formation Heating - Oil Shale Production Tar Sands -Heavy oil Weather Modification Weather Research HAARPWEATHER Gravity Waves CIPPAWEATHER Tornado Modification Ground TORNADO Recycling by Element Municipal Waste Fusion Torch Symbiotic Nuclear Power Closing Cycle CRadioactive WASTE LVPP Cleanup of high altitude particles Agglomeration - ARMAGEDDON MILITARY Missile Defense Hard Kill - HAARP Upset - HAARP Anti-Satellite Interrogation - HAARP Destruction - HAARP Radar and Surveillance Plasma Mirrors - SURVEILLANCE Cruise Missile - SURVEILLANCE Telecommunications Replace cell phones - TELECOM Theater Communications - TELE UVA K-Band - SURVEILLANCE Biological and Chemical Defense Personal Protection - UVPOD SPACE Space City Stationary Cities 70 km - MAGFORCE Magnetic Lift Heavy Lift Vehicles - MAGFORCE Robotic Manufacturing Thin Film Manufacturing -SPACEROBO INDUSTRIAL Manufacturing Processes Thin Films - THIN FILMS LED -LEDMFG Telecommunications-CIPPA Alternative Fuels In-Situ Coal Hydrogen and Electricity- MEMSCOAL In-Situ Shale Hydrogen and Electricity-MEMSOIL Nuclear Power Fuel Element Recycling - LVPP Symbiotic Nuclear Power- SYMBIOTICNUCLEAR Oil Production Paraffin Control - PARATROL Heavy Oil -HEAVYOIL SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING Astrophysics Pulsars-ASTROPHYSICS Gamma Bursters-ASTROPHYSICS Plasma Physics Element Separation-LVPP CORPORATE ACTIVITIES Fusion Systems Corporation UV Alliance Inc. Gem Lighting LLC Production Technologies Intl BDM Corp Bernard Eastlund's Vision H.A.A.R.P. PATENT ANGELS DON' T PLAY THIS HAARP Advances in Tesla Technology by Dr. Nick Begich and Jeane Manning 1997

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