Syrian Army battles insurgents in heart of capital

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A car bomb rocked the central Mezzeh district of the Syrian capital Damascus killing and injuring a number of civilians. A three-year-old child was also among the people killed there. The explosion, which happened in the heavily populated al-Madraseh neighborhood, also caused material damage to the shops and apartments. Residents of this often-targeted neighborhood say armed men frequently attack them because they support resistance against the Israeli enemy. Elsewhere in the Rukn al-Deen neighborhood in north Damascus several bombers attacked a police station leaving several people dead, many of them the terrorists. Also, the insurgents attacked a criminal security branch in Bab Musalla in southwest Damascus. Authorities say at least 11 people died in the two attacks. The frontlines separating Damascus and its countryside remain tense, as foreign-backed insurgents carry out attacks in an attempt to infiltrate into the city and gain more ground. But, the Syrian Army commanders told Press TV they will always be there to repel militants. Militants in Ein Tarma and Jobar---east of Damascus---attempt on a daily basis to enter the city. These insurgents fired several mortar rounds that fell only meters away from the army unit which Press TV was accompanying. In response, the Syrian government forces returned fire on the armed groups. The Syrian Army's operations to clear more areas of the insurgents have recently increased in Bar-zeh and al-Qaboun in the north-east of the capital. Syrian army operations continue in Damascus and its countryside blocking the way in front of foreign backed militants trying to infiltrate into the city center. Official sources have confirmed that operations will continue until all armed men are eliminated on Syria's soil.

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