Mysterious Creatures of the Lakes & Sea-Monsters Is It Real? - National Geographic

Real Footage of The Loch Ness Monster "NESSIE' in Lake Loch Ness, Scotland. There have been numerous reports of sightings of sea monsters in the waters of the San Francisco Bay, Scotland's Lake Loch Ness, and British Columbia's Lake Okanagan. In this episode, photographs and film footage of these sea monsters are re-examined to reveal the truth behind their existence. Real footage of The Loch Ness Monster "NESSIE' in Lake Loch Ness, Scotland. Saturday 26th May 2007 A two-minute video clip, recorded on this date, shows what appears to be a long, black creature swimming just below the surface of Loch Ness. Click here to view Gordon's video. The creature's head breaks the surface as it propels itself through the water. Images from the tape also clearly show how the creature creates a wake on the surface of the water as it swims in the direction of Inverness. The film was taken by amateur scientist Gordon Holmes, from Shipley, Yorkshire, who estimates the "creature" was moving at around 6mph. Mr Holmes, who works as a technician at Bradford University, was in the area using hydrophones to detect underwater noises from the loch. He said he saw the monster at 9.50pm while he was filming the loch from a layby on the A82. Mr Holmes, 55, said: "I was minutes from going home but I saw something moving and dashed out of the car and switched the camcorder on. "About 200 yards away from me I could see something in the water. It was definitely a creature propelling itself through the water. It was fairly bubbling along the water. It was streaking along." READ MORE AT: LEGEND OF "NESSIE" Searching for Nessie

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