Ocean Explorer Fund Drive Is Underway!

The "Dive for Truth" campaign has been created to raise funds for the rental of necessary equipment and costs of scientific testing to complete the exploration of the anomalous object located at the bottom of the Baltic Sea.
In 2011 the Ocean Explorer Team of wreck and salvage divers, located in Stockholm, Sweden, discovered the Baltic Anomaly as they returned from an ordinary salvage operation. As they viewed the on-board monitors connected to their side-scan sonar, trained on the sea bottom, they saw a huge out-of-place object suddenly appear on the normally featureless Baltic seabed.
Ocean X announced this discovery on the internet, hoping that scientific experts in various fields would come forward to explore the site. After none did, the Ocean Explorer Team decided to undertake the exploration themselves beginning one year ago.
In three expeditions to the anomaly last summer the divers discovered mysterious features that to this day defy conventional explanation. Long 'corridors' with vertical walls, strange angular depressions, an abnormal "radio" signal above the object, a separation between the disc-shaped object itself and the raised seabed on which it rests, strange temperature and compass deviations, super heated organic materials on samples recovered for testing, not to mention at least one sizeable round hole in the surface going into the object, which today still remains unexplored.
Won't you please help with a donation to enable the Ocean X Team to finish its exploration and research concerning this unique discovery?

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