Baby Formula: LOADED with GMO corn and soy

  • Uploaded by CureX on Jun 26, 2013
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This sickens me... I made this as a follow-up to yesterday's soy vid: a heads up, if you know someone feeding his or her baby formula, that kid is essentially getting 3/4ths of his (or her) daily nutrition from genetically modified organisms like corn and soy a whopping 45% of this formula was made of corn syrup solids, with another 26% vegetable oils, and another 7% modified corn starch. How is that even remotely 'nutritionally complete' by any standards anywhere?If a mother absolutely can not breastfeed for medical reasons, she really needs to consider other organic options. They are out there. This is a BABY we're talking about. Why bring a helpless infant into this world if you are just going to fill him up with toxic food that could harm him in all kinds of awful ways?Several online petitions have been formed to get companies like Gerber, Nestl, Mead Johnson (which makes Enfamil) and Abbott Laboratories (which makes Similac) to remove GMOs from their baby formulas, but companies are refusing to do it. Here's a vid about how Similac says they're products are officially "approved for use" and the company follows all applicable laws, but obviously since GMO is legal and labeling isn't mandatory, that's not saying anything at all: would like to see the long-term independent studies that show putting an infant on this kind of diet from birth is somehow magically not setting him up for a lifetime of horrible health problems...Mel

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