A Day In The Life Of A TV Licence Goon (Award Winning Animation!)

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Award-winning special effects crew, BanTheBBC, bring their unique brand of satire and animation style to some of the more outlandish excuses that TV-lie-sensing goons come up with to get into your home and into your wallet. Based on real life examples, we show some of the main tricks that these scumbag goons use to stitch you up. If one of these goons dares to darken your doorstep, whatever you do, DON'T sign their 178 Form. That is the golden rule. Without your signature, they can't take you to court. Remember, you do NOT need a TV licence UNLESS you are watching LIVE TV broadcasts as they are being transmitted! Never reply to any letters sent to you by this extortion racket that calls itself "TV Licensing". These scumbags have no power. They are merely salesmen earning 20 commission for each person they can scare into buying a TV Licence or sigining their 178 Form. The auto-generated letters are sent out by a company called Capita, which is the enforcement arm of the BBC. Never provide them with your name or any other personal info, never admit to anything and never allow them into your home. Make sure you have a video camera ready to film them when their goons come to your door. This will enable you to capture evidence of any intimidation or threats that they might try to use. Some of these goons will go to inordinate lengths to earn their 20 commission, so don't give them an inch. Finally, NEVER be scared of these racketeers. They prey on your fear. They have absolutely NO rights whatsoever to enter your property. And even if they know that you have a TV, they CANNOT take you to court unless you have admitted that you are watching live TV broadcasts. So as long as you don't provide them with any information, there is absolutely NOTHING they can do. :)NOTICE TO YOUTUBE AND TV LICENSING: This video has been updated. The entire content of this video was created by and is owned by myself - YouTube user, BanTheBBC. TV Licensing does NOT own any material contained within this video.TAGS: A Day In The Life Of A TV Licence Goon! TVL capita goons are tv licensing inspector, tv license and the TV detector vans. TVL letters, the court fine and the paedophile ring of Jimmy Savile, Stuart Hall, Jonathan King, Garry Glitter, Freddie Starr and others. Funny videos and the animation cartoon that freeman and common law to the award winning series for their advertising propaganda campaign. More videos on nufffrespect, banthebbc and tjokaying We will anderson at the new BBC scandal.

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