Plasma in space experiment (English subtitles)

  • Uploaded by Propheeet on Jun 26, 2013
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Scientists experiment with plasma in zero-gravity, vacuum conditions. Tiny particles are suspended in the plasma so the structure can be observed.More info: original commentary is done very unprofessionally, trying to turn the already not-so-difficult subject into a _really_ popular science sensationalist piece. This is very unfortunate. A more professional/scientific crew could've made this video to be much more informative and useful than it is. For that reason I couldn't translate it directly but had to change the translation a bit according to my own understanding which should leave the cosmonauts' and scientists' ideas in but leave the commentator's far-fetched conclusions out. I also wanted to cut out the last part about radiation clouds, but decided that it would be a form of censorship.NOTE2: This video has little to nothing to do with so called "plasma cosmology", "electric universe" and other similar fringe science subjects. I am sad to see that this video is seen as support for these theories and is hence recommended/suggested by YouTube on wrong videos. To the supporters of aforementioned theories: I really advise you to find out as much as you can about your theories because they are not a matter of faith, belief or "dogma" as one of the comments read. All physical theories must be a matter of evidence to be considered at least partially true and shouldn't have any contradicting evidence in the region they're supposed to work in. The models presented by you (aren't they really the same model? it's all pretty ambiguous) don't fulfill either of these conditions.

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