DEBT episode 2: How bubbles grow

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EPISODE 2:How bubbles grow is the second episode of a video lecture by Dirk Bezemer from the University of Groningen. It covers how debt and money can be created by banks for both productive and non-productive purposes. With non-productive purposes mainly being asset markets. Here excessive debt causes the prices of these assets to go up. The market does not correct for this. This leads to bubbles and a large debt burden which are a drag on the economy. (Dutch subtitles included) Team: Joeri Schasfoort, Koen Drewes, Danil Houben, Dirk Bezemer, Niek de BoerMusic: Turning Point: Kung Fu Jonny OST, by Professor Kliq 3.0 Unported - Stock Exchange Bull, by Danish47 3.0 Unported - Facade of New York Stock Exchange, by DonatingPictures 3.0 Unported - stock market display, by bfishadow on Flickr 2.0 Generic - Nederland van Boven, by VPRO

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