EU Regulations are Devastating Small and Large Businesses - Rollo Reed for UKIP

  • Uploaded by Sirnyler3 on Jun 27, 2013
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ROLLO REED is chairman of Christchurch UKIP Branch and Director of Reed Steel, an award winning local Company. He is well qualified to speak of the disastrous effects the EU swamp of regulations has had on the Local, Small and even Large businesses, causing many to close down. That of course causes unemployment figures to rise and communities to disperse in the search for work. If you experience jerky playback of this video, please give the video time to 'download' to your computer before viewing it. The speed of download will differ according to your own PC and internet service. Rollo Reed UKIP Steel BUSINESS Local Trader Commerce Council Directive EU GATT free trade Treaty unemployment industry European Union Brussels Strasbourg conservative labour Libdem Cameron Miliband Clegg Nigel Farage Conspiracy Alex Jones David Icke sirnyler

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