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Powerful & Disturbing - Child Abuse in 2013 - Video 2

This video includes an update following my attendance at Federal Court as the Applicant. I also received feedback from a viewer who stated I was completely credible until she saw the website addresses and saw the acronym UFO - because of the letters UFO I am now completely not credible. Ironically that website has over 400 views of my thread where the first video is embedded. Back on topic - please follow my journey if you value Children and believe that paedophiles and predators and authorities who cover up their abhorrent behaviour - need to be seen in a public court room. I still need a licenced legal practitioner to assist me with the preparation of my paperwork/evidence as I progress to the next stage of legal proceedings. I am not asking for money - I am not trying to sell you anything - I am not asking you to join anything - just stand with me as I stand up for Abused Children. My aim is to change the current (ineffective) Child Protection Legislation with an emphasis on Mandatory Reporting procedures and protocols. I am trying to protect your Children but no one and no law is protecting me. Please stand with me - by following my journey you are supporting me - so I in turn can continue my journey towards justice for Abused Children. If my situation involved your Child or Children you would not want me to walk away. I will drop from exhaustion before I will walk away from - Your Children. Thank you for joining me on this ordeal/journey. Much Peace...

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