Insurgents in Syria execute more people for supporting government

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More startling images find their way out of Syria ... these two Syrians are about to face the fate of many others being beheaded at the hands of Anusra front - an al-Qaida branch in Syria that proudly posts similar executions almost on weekly basis. Last week alone, thy posted three executions -- one for a Syria army sergeant in Hasaka , another for a man and two women in Aleppo and the third in Idlib. These bearded men who are carrying out God's punishment as they call it are part of the insurgency that the Saudi foreign minister was so eager to arm in statements he made with his US counterpart, John Kerry. The statements, however, got a strong and harsh response from Damascus. The Syrian minister of information Omran Al-Zoubi described the Saudi diplomacy as shaken by repeated victories of the Syrian army. He also said that such diplomacy doesn't represent the Saudi people and that it won't have any place in any political solution to the Syrian issue. The Syrian official also stressed that the violence in Syria is perpetrated by Saudi Arabia by supplying weapons and funds to terrorists and that Saud al-Faisel is responsible for shedding the Syrian blood. And not very far from all these killings, a group of Muslim clerics and scholars met in Damascus to issue a call for tolerance - a call that to many seems out of context amidst religious and sectarian tensions spreading not only in Syria but across the region. As days pass on, the Syrian crisis seems more and more tangled, with more weapons, more militants, and much more extremism as a recipe for a disaster some would call it, a disaster that will not spare those who stood behind it. But as the fighting goes on, many Syrians wonder where their country is heading for and what will their future be.

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