Wow! ShareHolders say "NO MORE NUCLEAR ENERGY" TEPCO Fukushima update 6/26/13

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THIS IS GOLD! TEPCO shareholders Demand No More Nuclear Energy from the Nuclear saw that news report last night and was So And Then I awoke to the Ying of the Yang update on "TEPCO shareholders want out of nuclear power" and, of course, we ...

THIS IS GOLD! TEPCO shareholders Demand No More Nuclear Energy from the Nuclear Conglomo. saw that news report last night and was So Happy... And Then I awoke to the Ying of the Yang update on "TEPCO shareholders want out of nuclear power" and, of course, we are being "slowly but silently exterminated as a species" Here's TEPCO;s reply:Shrugging off Shareholders should have expected it, but it was nice for a few minutes to think that the shareholders actually "did something" to influence TEPCO. Dreamworld I suppose.Meanwhile, back at the ranch... Guess WHAT?! oOOOooOOPS... WRONG RADIATION MEASUREMENTS WERE given to residents "due to a computer error"...Oh, and here's another "good one": The Japanese Gov't 'POLITELY REQUESTS" that Radioactive Tritium "stop being dumped into the environment! OMGnot to outdo all the BS so far, TEPCO Gets MORE Funds from "the government" who has had to Raise consumption Taxes From the People to PAY for the Disaster!, only In Turn, TO give the money that the tax payers had to pay to the government "TO PAY FOR COMPENSATION BACK TO THE RATEPAYERS OF THE NUCLEAR FALLOUT VICTIMS!"BS: OBAMA climate change... they are moving all the "dirty jobs" to "dirty countries" and claiming the US is "doing it's job" of keeping the environment clean? WTF.Don't forget, stop the tritium spewing into the ocean.Oh, TEPCO, stop with the Jokes: Now you Won't Pay people who are in radioactive areas from receiving "taxpayer/government sponsored" compensation TO PEOPLE WHO ARE "AFRAID OF RADIATION"... WHEN THEY LIVE IN A RADIOACTIVE AREA!FUCK YOU.Plans for Decomissioning the plant still underway. Insert thumb into mouth... suck it a long time.Electricity business "owned by Nuclear"... just read it. We are planned extermination by these nuke plants. headlines(see below)Cloned mice by one drop of blood... to FIX lower Birth Rate (hint hint) of the Japanese population. Hello, Atlantis, can you hear me now? Can you hear me now? Note to self and others: Japan is Sinking into the ocean and has 54ish Nuclear Reactors - ALL WITH NUCLEAR FUEL on Board...- and finally Iran's nuclear plan. (hurray, I'm done with the update for today) and yet I see several more updates in my inbox. I lost my great edit of This video, but I hope it holds your attention long enough to continue paying attention to this Pressing Auschwitz problem we are experiencing on this planet.Latest Headlines:Seattle TV: Children now sicker than ever from Chernobyl disaster Contamination to go on for centuries to come Many with heart and digestive problems (VIDEO)TV: Alert issued after fire at U.S. nuclear site "Trigger for fire may have actually happened hours before" (VIDEO)Plutonium-burning reactors to restart in Japan? Gov't forcing companies to use MOX fuel Official: "We have no other choice"Scientific American: Up to 1 million eventual deaths estimated from Chernobyl exposure Sweden, Finland, others concerned about risk of forest fires near disaster areaRecord level of radioactive tritium found in ocean near Fukushima plant Japan Official: Nuclear material may be seeping into harborRadioactive material "soars" in ocean near Fukushima plant Tepco: Contaminated groundwater leaking into Pacific?Official: "This stands out from the string of recent bad news" about leaking U.S. nuclear site... "It really does complicate cleanup further" "No clear plan for responding quickly to leaking nuclear waste" #HanfordGiant Louisiana sinkhole "now a 22.4-acre opening" Combined sinkhole area is 49 acres"U.S. state on alert after nuclear waste leak" Governor: "This is most disturbing news"... No 'immediate' public health threat #HanfordTV: "It appears the worst case scenario has happened" at U.S. nuclear site Most dangerous material on earth "out of control"? A whopping 800,000 dpm measured outside tank (VIDEO) #HanfordBy the way, if you want to send Megan Rice a thank you card, here's her address:Megan Rice22100 Irwin County Detention Center132 Cotton DriveOcilla, GA 31774song by humblehorse called Alternate Reality on soundcloud (thank you)LOL, I just watched this on YT and see my editing is " off a bit". Sorry, my computer barfed up an edit of this that was much better, and I didn't fine tune it good enough after that computer crash. I had to totally redo it and forgot to review my edit before uploading :)

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