The Book of Genesis and the Hyksos Egyptian Culture w/ Ralph Ellis

Ralph Ellis returns to The Russell Scott Show "Having seen so many similarities between the Israelites and Egypt, I felt sure that the Book of Genesis should also contain elements of Hyksos Egyptian culture. But how could this be so if the rivers of Eden were the Euphrates and Tigris? The answer to this is simple, because the Hebrew Bible does not mention a Euphrates or Tigris at all. What it does mention is a river that runs through Eden and splits into four branches, and this just has to be a reference to the Nile running through the Garden of Akhenaton's Aton (Adon), and splitting into the four branches of the Nile Delta. Ergo: the Genesis story has to be based upon Akhenaton and his brand of alternative theology." ~ Ralph Ellis In this interview: Why the biblical exodus started The flood Where Mt. Sinai was located Who were Aaron and Moses? The true purpose of the Great Pyramid at Giza The parting of the Sea of Reeds The Thomas Verenna Affair The true identities of Adam and Eve revealed .. and countless epiphanies from the mind of Ralph Ellis

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