Syria battle for Barzeh Suburb

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The officer said a military channel world news Friday: The aim of the operation Basically it is the provisions of the ring on the militants within the area of ​​Barzeh being online all underground tunnels, freeing highway because they go out there and targeting civilians and passing cars, and open the way Barzeh primary, securing the entire area of ​​insurgents who are the . The correspondent noted that the world and the team faced difficulties in gaining access to that region via dirt roads to get to the nearest area where there the Syrian army, where the team move with difficulty between the houses in the area and alleys because there are snipers among the insurgents. Said one military correspondent: "They them NATO , and you know what it means those القناصات, where they can from long distances and area Altalakhih". The correspondent noted that the world team approached more until he arrived to the first line of contact between the army and militants, where the interval between the two sides only a few meters. The effects of the clashes and clear on the walls of buildings, logos started it indicates the concentration of victory in front of these orchards. In conjunction with the victories of the Syrian army a suicide bomber blew himself up near the church of Mary and the Association of Charity east door in Damascus, which led to a number of casualties and damaging buildings and shops nearby. He said one of the military in the region to the bomber hid the explosive device in a bag of bread, including can not expect one of the passers-by, not even from the army.

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