Joe Scarborough: UFO Orbs are Not Flares on Balloons

  • Uploaded by Grey on Jun 29, 2013
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In April 2008, the MSNBC show Morning Joe covered the story of the orb triangle UFO which had recently appeared in Phoenix, Arizona on April 21. After showing video of the UFO, they report that a Phoenix man came forward and said "he tied flares to helium filled balloons and released them from his backyard".To this Scarborough says "He did that because, and I can say this because I was in Congress...we have actually a sub-commitee on subverting the truth about UFOs...we always find a patsi to come forward, and actually our sub-commitee proposed the helium filled balloon excuse way back in 1990."Wow. This is an amazing bit of disclosure from an unlikely source. Mr. Scarborough was not joking during this segment. He did not stutter. Our government knows very well what these UFO lights are, are they are actively deceiving the public in order to surpress awareness of the UFO presence.

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