Santos Bonacci: Cosmic Revelations - Truth Connections Radio - 19th June 2013

Santos Bonacci ( is King at unraveling and unveiling fascinating ancient wisdom and mysteries. His research ( leaves no stone unturned as he connects dots from many documented eras and belief systems, covering a mountain of great literature of times past, to important works of philosophical art that have stood the test of time and centuries of societal change. An ever-explosive and mysterious chapter of recorded history that never ceases to draw our attention is the great Book of Revelation: the final book of the New Testament in the Christian Bible. Its apocalyptic passages reciting the doom and gloom of a coming series of events that culminate in the return of Christ, can be referenced and compared to cosmic forces seen throughout the ages by astronomers, philosophers, and theologists, alike. The timing to discuss and debate the actuality of these forces, or events of nature of profound significance, is never more appropriate than now. With the turmoil in the Vatican publicized more than any other time in history, the people are recognizing their power and taking the crimes of church and state seriously. With the position of stars and planetary bodies astrotheologically encoded in holy books and sacred texts of all spiritual and religious cultures, it's quite possible to foretell great swells in tides by following the motions of the universe to discover where this will all lead for the sovereignty of mankind. Santos joins Truth Connections for the 9th time as teacher and translator to give us another incredible insight into the timelessness of past and present, fact and fiction, as well as myth and legend. We will explore Pagan and Christian holidays, and the history behind them, as well as the battle of good and evil described in Revelation using cosmic symbolism, such as; the 'Beast Of The Sea' having seven heads and ten horns; the 'Dragon' with seven heads; the 'Seven-Horned Lamb' with seven eyes (the Lion of Judah); and much more archetypal imagery. INTROS AND OUTROS Featuring samples from the song titled, "Inward, Onward" by Villains Like You Special Thanks to Thomas Voute of Time Alliance for his endless creative direction BREAK MUSIC Music by Villains Like You | Song Title "Red Sun" Music by Bass Pfister Feat. Indigo Angel | Song Title "Breathe Bass" Truth Connections was Co-Founded by Tamara Natividad and Kathy Buckalew.

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