'Global Coastal Event, Space Goat Farts, Max Keiser UFO, Extreme Weather' [Clif High Wujo 22-Jun-2013]

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Title: 22-Jun-2013 Clif High Wujo, Global Coastal Event, Space Goat Farts Max Keiser UFO, Extreme Weather Recording Date (start): 22-Jun-2013, 05:51 AM Pacific Coast of North America Daylight Savings Time Release Date: 24-Jun-2013 Runtime: 00h 46m 48s (2808s) Note: I had at first posted this same video here on YouTube here... /watch?v=im_tntpAmeI (link no longer functional) I apologize that there were some over-modulation audio problems with that video as originally posted that made it very difficult to listen to owning to unacceptable levels of static at peak amplitude modulations. The problem originated with Clif's MP3 audio recording and I had neglected to repair those problems before processing and those defects were propagated through to and exaggerated upon upload to YouTube. After this problem was called to my attention (thanks to an alert subscriber) I went back to the original MP3 and ran a few filters to recover the clipped peaks and restore most of the over-modulation issues. The new edited version sounds 100% better than my first attempt. I apologize that I didn't have any alternative other than to delete my first substandard video. As a result any links to that video are now nonfunctional. All comments left on that deleted video are are also now gone forever. I ask that you forgive me for any inconveniences I have caused. Please leave your comments or audio editing suggestions here with this new video posting. Clif's Wujo Title: How I Learned to Stop Caring About the Cause and Simply Learned to Live With It. Topics Discussed: Global Coastal Event Max Keiser and the Space Goats Fart UFO fly-by during broadcast Expanding Earth ALTA (Asymmetric Language Trend Analysis) Reports Future Projects Editor's Note: Adjusted and normalized amplitude levels, repaired over modulation clips (as best as I could), removed about half a dozen annoying coughs and removed a few of the uhhhs and ummmms (just the most obnoxious). Clif High has released his January through May, 2013, IDIRs for free distribution on his website! Clif High's Website: http://HalfPastHuman.com

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