'Syrian Army destroy terrorist gatherings in Homs, Der Ezzor' [Syria News (ENG) 30-Jun-2013]

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30-Jun-2013 ~ Syria News (ENG) ~ Army units destroy terrorist gatherings in Homs, Der Ezzor ~ Huge crowds of anti-Morsi protesters take to the streets ~ Syria welcomes UNSC Resolution 2107 ending Iraq state under 7th chapter ~ Al-Laham: Prepared to cooperate with world parliaments to emerge from crisis ~ Salehi stresses necessity of preserving national sovereignty, territorial integrity of Syria ~ Authorities seize weapons in a house in Damascus ~ 27 state workers fired within measures to combat corruption * Video News from National Syrian Television Vidéo Nouvelles de la Télévision Syrienne Video Noticias de la Televisión Siria Video Notizie dalla Televisione Siriana * FOR THE TRUTH, FOR SYRIA Video-Evidence of the Conspiracy Against Syria * Recorded from Syrian National Television by SyrianFreePress.net Network Syrian Patriotic Freelancers Network . http://www.syrianfreepress.net/ http://www.tg24siria.com/ http://syrianpatriot.com/ http://syrianfreepress.wordpress.com/ http://tg24siria.wordpress.com/ *

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