Assange and Snowden, the sons of Most High for exposing the hypocrites satanic Politicians, the sons of Most High Satan.

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Hi Brethren,

Assange and Snowden, the sons of Most High for exposing the hypocrites satanic Politicians

I understand the New Testament in spirit, which the University Professors of letters have no idea. Gospel is hidden under the Parables and it is NOT the Letters. Gospel you receive through grace of our Father and none other source. Christ Jesus was the First Anointed Christ of God or our First Royal High Priest. So, if you believe in Christ Jesus, then you are supposed to be the Son of Most High God, which is Spirit and in spirit you enter into our Father's House. God is our Father and not a Lord as Lords have slave once-born Disciples that need disciplining waiting at his command but in Jesus, we are twice-born sensible Labourers employed in the Vineyard of our Father where Christ Jesus is the True Vine Planted by our Father. You must enter into this Vineyard to be grafted to the True Vine to receive Daily Bread of Life or you will wither away producing no fruit and may even harm the Labourers of Christ Jesus as Saul was doing innocently but in good faith.

Now, the Vineyard is the Royal Kingdom of God and as the son of the most high, you are the witness to the qualities of our Father. Further, by giving his own sacrifice, Jesus has moved us from the brick-built temples or Synagogues to our New Home made not by human hands but by Yahweh, the Lord of Nature and creator of all including human beings. Thus, our physical body is the Temple of God where God dominates your lives through Christ Jesus sitting in your heart. Christianity is of heart and not of the Book or Letters. This is confirmed by Christ Jesus when He first fed the hungry 5000 people devoted to Him with tasty heavenly Bread and after that He opened His Mouth to Preach Gospel. Unless you eat the Juicy Flesh of Jesus, listen to the Gospel Preached by the Mouth of Jesus by your ears, the Mouth to eat the living Bread, the Gospel, take it to your heart and ponder or digest it as you do with food eaten by your mouth and then bring it out from your own mouth what Christ Jesus has Preached. This is called Drinking the Refreshing Blood of Christ to be His Brother in the Most High God. Thus, our hearts are testimony of our Anointed Elder Brother Christ Jesus and Gospel is written over living heart and not in ink in the dead letters.

Finally, your body remains the Temple of God if you do not tell lies cheat, people, become hypocrites, etc. all that originates from your own heart. But if you tell lies, cheat people, hypocrite as the politicians and the Dog-Collared Priests in Churches, etc. are, then your heart is not dominated by Christ Jesus but by Satan and you become the son of the Most High very destructive Satan that appears only in this Dark Age.

Now, apply the above criteria to know how many people are outspoken as Christ Jesus was and how many are hypocrites as the Temple Priests were and Jesus condemned them the most, then you will realise that not many but just the remnant are the True Sons of the Most High God and the hypocrites who are in majority would condemn such people as the Temple Priests condemned Jesus to crucifixion.

Therefore, all those people who expose the hypocrisy of the highest sons of Satan, the Politicians, hireling Dog-Collared Priests, etc. are Truly the Sons of Most High Father and all the clean-hearted people should highly support our hero Brethren in Christ Jesus Assange, Snowden and others as they halted the blood spilling by the sons of Satan. Jesus came to preserve our lives and not to destroy. Sons of Satan are many and we need Labourers to expose them before it is too late. In fact, the establishment of Israel is a sure sign of the End of this Dark Age and Atomic War could be when Israel is Seventy years old. A Jew is one who is inwardly, spiritual and not outwardly in flesh which are the tribes. Tribal sons of Abraham are Wheat Plants planted by Yahweh, the creator of male and female or Nature at large whilst the Jews outwardly of flesh are unfaithful to Abraham and the creator Yahweh called the Tares, sons of the highest Satan. In Matt.13.v24-30, Christ Jesus has stated that when the End of the World comes, I will bundle up the Tares and burn them. They are getting bundled up in Israel and they are the one who are creating mess and bloodshed in the M.East. Chosen People when they are faithful to Abraham, then they are the Nation of Priests but to-day, they are the Nation of Most High Satan Al-Djmar Al-Aksa.
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