Woman with Supersonic Hearing Can Hear Own Eyeballs Move

Have you guys ever wondered what it would be like to constantly live in your own head? I mean literally, hearing the sounds of your eyeballs rolling and your brain swishing around? Doesn't sound so pleasant, right? Unfortunately, Julie Redfern, a 47 year old receptionist from England had to go through this everyday for seven years. According to the Telegraph, Julie suffers from a rare inner ear condition called Superior Canal Dehiscence syndrome (SCD). SCD is caused by tiny holes of a bone inside the ear, and this causes oversensitivity to sound. The main symptoms of SCD are balance problems and migraines, but for Julie, being able to hear internal noises bothered her the most. She first noticed a strange squeaking sound in 2006, after she turned 40, and soon realized that it the sound of her eyeballs squeaking in their sockets. ugh! Later on, she had to avoid crunchy foods because it was the chewing sound was too loud. "It was a horrible sensation, I could literally hear them moving, scratching -it was very weird." Though she risks becoming deaf and being left with facial deformities, Julie has decided to go under the knife to escape her supersonic curse. Surgeons who did the operation said that her ear canal looked like honeycomb instead of cinder toffee I hope she recovers well and regains her ability to eat and function without worrying about her internal organs making a racket! As always, please subscribe if you like this video, and don't forget to check out other news from the run list.

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