Urgent word!

  • Uploaded by Holy42 on Jul 2, 2013
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My children, warn them judgement comes to America. It is already here, but there is more that is coming and swiftly it will engulf the whole nation. Tell them they must repent and turn from the ways of the wicked and make way for the Lord and their paths straight. This calamity shall be the worst of it's kind than ever before. This is the final hand of judgement before the bowls are poured out. The final birth pang that will usher in the Tribulation that man has never known before. Amercia's sins has reached to the fullest and its cup runneth over. Now my hand shall be over the nations and it will be like never before. It will come at it's fullest. Warn them! Tell them what is coming and to repent for a time such as this must happen. All ye peoples of every nation, every tribe and every originaltity must know that I AM and no other. If all will repent I will protect them from the calamity that is coming and already here and also I will save them from the wrath that is to be poured out during the coming tribulation. There is no time! Proclaim my Word and my Truth to many. Your work here is almost done. I will stand in your midst and my light will shine out of you and they will know I AM GOD. GO Proclaim and prophesy what is already here and what is yet to come. Draw into me and I will reveal and guide you on what to do. I will equip you with all that I have and you will Go boldly in Faith and Obidence in me.

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