part 1 POPE FRANCIS IS GOING TO STEP DOWN Remember a few weeks ago when the Vatican baught Israel and the last supper room? Israel sold Jerusalem and the last supper room to the Vatican http:/ Well the reason the vatican baught israel is because pope francis is going to LIE and announce that JOHN PAUL II....... iS ALIEN JESUS. POPE FRANCIS IS ALSO GOING TO LIE AND SAY JESUS was an extraterrestrial and he shapeshifted when he sat at the table with his dsiciples. rticle-2293301/Shape-shifting-Jesus-spent-supper-Pontius-Pilate-claims-just-deciphered-1-200-year-old-Egyptian-manuscript.html When pope john paul II resurrects from the dead as a demon, he is going to be the leader of the alien invasion and pope john paul II is also in the bible noted as the false prophet. ****************************************************************************************************** Rome, March 08, 2013 As the cardinals prepare to enter the conclave Tuesday, and have agreed to cease speaking with the media, Cardinal Timothy Dolan who was appointed Auxiliary Bishop of St Louis by JOHN PAUL II still offered a commentary today about goings-on in Rome through certain sources. "This year we are going to renew the invitation of Jesus to a change of heart." The cardinal concluded with this final observation, about prospective candidates for the next successor of St. Peter: "Do names come up? Sure. But the name most spoken about is the Most Holy Name of Jesus! (POPE JOHN PAUL II ) Would you say His Holy Name and ask Him to send us His grace and mercy? Thanks!" Cardinal Dolan recounted how he surprised a journalist by telling her that the new pontiff would bring "radical change" to the entire world and the Church. SO THIS MEANS POPE JOHN PAUL II ....... IS THE FALSE PROPHET WHO IS GOING TO USE BLACK MAGIC & PERFORM MIRACLES FOR THE WORLD TO SEE IN ORDER TO GET THE WORLD TO FOLLOW PRINCE WILLIAM. AKA. THE ANTI-CHRIST

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