If we are the Temples of God and He is living in us, then do we need to Pray to our Father? Jewish Yahweh is outside.

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Father in heaven is Jewish alienated Yahweh and not Our Father in Spirit. I was just wondering if our physical body is the Temple of living God, then our living Father is living in the Temple of God and He is not in the heaven. Heaven and hell you mak...

Father in heaven is Jewish alienated Yahweh and not Our Father in Spirit.
I was just wondering if our physical body is the Temple of living God, then our living Father is living in the Temple of God and He is not in the heaven. Heaven and hell you make your own life. If you keep the Temple of God holy through good deeds, helping others and Preaching Gospel, then our physical body remains a Temple of God because you are displaying the attributes of our Father. In fact, the one sitting in your heart in the Temple of God built not by human hands but by Nature is Christ. So, Christ is knocking at the Door of your heart, begging you to Please let me enter your heart and steer your life safely to Rest or Resurrection in which you are never born again into any living animal, etc.This Father in heaven of the Christian prayer is Jewish that the John, the Baptist, Rabbis, Pharisees, etc. were teaching to their once-born Disciples for disciplining them that there is Father in non-existent heaven. Remember that the Rabbis kept their Disciples alienated from Yahweh and they stood between Yahweh and Disciples as the Moral Teachers defined in Matt.13.v52 as the Owner of a House, Synagogue built by human hands, who bringeth out Treasures Old, the written Scriptures that could be corrupted and the New, His Word, Oral Torah that is the Foundation of the moral laws and could not be corrupted. That is why the knowledge of Oral Torah is passed verbally from generation to generation by the people of Levi tribe who are assigned the job of Cohen in the Synagogues. Now, Yahweh is the creator of all that you see with your two naked eyes called Nature. We when born are called natural men because as a child, we understand what we see or can study Nature through natural sciences at the Universities. Whereas our living Father in the Temple of God is not created by Nature but He is Supernatural, above Nature and He puts life into the living things. Remember that Jesus as a child was fashioning little sparrows on Sabbath and a Rabbi passing by was not happy seeing him working and straight in anger went to the house of His Foster father Joseph to make a strong complaint to tell his son to behave or discipline him. So, Joseph came out with the Rabbi to see Jesus playing at the water pool and as soon as the Rabbi objected, Jesus clapped his hands and the sparrows flew away chirping happily. That astonished both the Rabbi and his foster father Joseph and in this Miracle by the Power of our Supernatural Father that I have come from our Father as an omnipotent Ambassador. Jesus and our Father are one and if you do not pollute this Temple of God, you too could become the same Ambassador of our Father and do what Jesus did. Such people, whether male or female, who keep their Temples of God Holy could also perform miracles as our anointed Elder Brother Christ Jesus did. But you find the world, a den of robbers telling lies, cheating people, hypocrite as these Dog-Collared Priests are who in fact are working for Mammon and paid by their Mammon masters, politicians, etc. And the hypocrites would invite hypocrites to their Churches to deliver them sugar-coated Sermons full of falsehoods of Satan and the poor once-born devotees of God are hiked away for their popularity and votes. Once-born people like a comfortable life and the psychic Dog-Collared anti-Christs, hypocrite politicians, etc. lure them into their nets as if they would steer your life and the Disciples or stooges of these anti-Christs put their trust in them as Saul did in the Temple Priests divorcing his wife, flesh, for the persecution of the Labourers of Christ Jesus. Whilst the Dog-Collared Priests, politicians, Pope, the new form of Temple Priests, etc. who make the following become adulterers as they cannot give your account to God – Matt.19, the Parable of Marriage and Divorce. Let them hear who have Ears, the Mouth to eat the flesh of Jesus or what came out of the Mouth of Jesus. Preaching Gospel in the honour of Christ Jesus is Drinking the Blood of Christ that is pure not mixed with water as they do in serving Eucharist called entering into the Bridal Chamber. Remember that the previous Ages were of works based upon the natural instincts and holy Rabbis kept a good standard whilst in Dark Age when the Rabbis become greedy and left Dry of the Oral Torah and become hypocrite, then our Father sends His Own Son to guide us into the Royal Kingdom of God and those who would realise that we are the Real Temples of God by grace of our Father, will have Christ in their hearts as the driver of your life to Rest. That is why only the solitary find the Narrow Gate to the Royal Kingdom of God and by grace of our Father, they enter into it to get their Daily Bread of Life from the True Vine Christ Jesus planted by our Father. When you Graft yourself to this True Wine, then you become like Christ Jesus eternal. Much more could be written

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