Hardline extremists gain key seats in Israel's ruling party

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During a vote held on Monday extreme right wing Israeli's were elected into key positions in Israeli Benjamin Netanyahu's Likud party, Hardline Israeli settler and Deputy Minister of Military affairs Danny Danon, was voted for the position of chairman of the party's Central Committee. Danon made a statement that he would stand against a two state solution between Israel and Palestine. He has also said that Israel should take full control of the West Bank and Palestinians should be governed by Jordan. The position for the Likud Bureau was taken by the extreme right wing Deputy Foreign Minister Zeev Elkin. He also stands against a two state solution. Palestinian Independent politician Mustafa Barghouthi believes that this move will be detrimental to the U-S-brokered negotiations. Barghouti further stated that the Palestinian Authority should now start looking towards an alternative strategy rather than engage in negotiations with a regime that is now largely controlled by Israeli settlers. The Likud party runs a coalition-cabinet with Yisrael Beiteninu in the Knesset and has the majority vote. Around 78% of the 3,600 members of the Likud Central Committee took part in the vote, which was held following US Secretary of States John Kerry's four day intensive diplomacy in the middle east which was aimed at bringing Israel and Palestinian authorities back to the negotiating table. Palestinian officials stated that Kerry's mission to restart peace talks ended without a breakthrough, Although Benjamin Netanyahu's still has control of the party, experts believe that his power is now diminishing with right wing rebels taking key positions. Experts also say heir hardline ideology could lead to catastrophic consequences for the Palestinians. Palestinian human rights groups are concerned that the new party leaders will now focus the policies of the Likud party on continuing Palestinian land fragmentation and will use every effort to reject the establishment of a Palestinian state. They also believe that the new extreme governing party would ensure further isolation of Israel from the international community. http://www.presstv.ir/

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