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Yung Glynn Ft. Minnie Murphy - Revolution Worldwide

Revolution Worldwide is the anthem for people around the world that is fighting for freedom and equality! This is the album version with the talented Minnie Murphy on the chorus. Share this video and support underground revolutionary hip hop! The album version will be available for download soon! Prod. By JD Beatz Malcolm X World Revolution Speech Chorus: Minnie Murphy All across the world they gonna feel our sound Because the countries across the globe in revolution right now We so blind we ain't even see the symbolism in our towns We need a change and it's up the people so what we gonna do now We resisting so, governments don't gain full control Of our everyday lives open up your eyes bare witness to democide You think this is a game I don't write my rhymes for nothing This is for the families killed by military productions Why the drones strikes on countries never up for discussion Why do the USA sponsor 3rd world destruction See they all bought and paid for look at the ties Different countries same game same corporate line They say I'm controversial cuz I made a song about the chip And about Israel's terrorism on the Gaza Strip Zionistic Propaganda isn't even for the Jews Religion in their politics to keep the masses confused A convenient excuse to justify the land you took Now you enter Syria with the Iraqi playbook See they all bought and paid for and that's by design International war crimes, man we got to see the signs www.facebook.com/yglynnisrestiance Contact me through my facebook page.

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