Deus Ex - Human Revolution - Hidden Messages (english)

cut-outs of the video game "Deus Ex - Human Revolution" It is Mainstream. The first part (from the year 2000) did comprised the Bilderberg Group, Trilateral Commission and ... NOT "The Twin Towers" in New York! The Reality is mixed with game content. What remains are researchable hard facts and known reality ... This ingame radioshow is leant to the ALEX JONES SHOW : Streams: It is time to wake up ... immediately! No time for false shame - get it out to everyone! It is They or US! This is NOT a drill! The reality strikes back and this time you have only ONE live and you should use it WISELY. Only the researchable truth shall be the leading sign! Enough is enough. The Point is reached, where human kind has enough of your evil twisted lies. Now it is time to bring the beauty back to life! Your New World Order will FAIL!

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