Introduction to the Internet of Things

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InfoLevel: BeginnerPresenter: Eli the Computer Guy Date Created: July 3, 2013 Length of Class: 16:41 TracksNetworkingPrerequisitesNone Purpose of Class This class introduces students to the concept of the Internet of ThingsClass NotesThe Internet of Things is the idea that items not commonly thought of as computers will be able to record and transmit data in an "Internet Like" fashion.Items may not use the standard TCP/IP stack to communicate. They may use RFID, NFC, Bluetooth or some other wireless communication technology.Items will record data using Input devices such as Accelerometers, Thermometers, GPS units or Other ways besides Keyboards and Mice.Power for devices can come from long lasting batteries that can last for a year or more, or from sources such as a persons body motion.Information from a device may be sent to another device that is connected to a TCP/IP Network and transmitted to the Internet from there.Corrections Lab Setup Used in DemonstrationN/AStudy Guide N/AResources

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