ORB UFO emits mysterious light as it passes overhead.Oregon 5-13-12

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(Link to snapshot photo) #/d4zu2ag(Link to snapshot photo) #/d4zu1d4(Link to snapshot photo) #/d4zu1dyNot sure if this was a military drone of some kind but i'm absolutely sure it wasn't a plane lol or a helicopter, or a balloon that had lights on it...

(Link to snapshot photo) http://unspoken411.deviantart.com/gallery/#/d4zu2ag(Link to snapshot photo) http://unspoken411.deviantart.com/#/d4zu1d4(Link to snapshot photo) http://unspoken411.deviantart.com/#/d4zu1dyNot sure if this was a military drone of some kind but i'm absolutely sure it wasn't a plane lol or a helicopter, or a balloon that had lights on it or a flare...this thing was flying at a seemingly constant speed and moving in one direction and flying pretty quick and the air was pretty still when I was filming this too...you may also notice that from the video, you can not hear a helicopter. Sorry too for shaking the camera so much...I was sitting down doing a lil star gazing when I noticed this thing and it took me by surprise so when I tried to get up, my camera was wobbling a bit. When it flew almost directly overhead it began to glow really intensely a bright orangish red as you can see from the video, and then it's light faded a bit after it passed overhead...you can really see the luminosity this thing gives off when it brightens...it gives off a kind of aura of it's own. Undoubtedly this was not a damn satellite either...it was well within the atmosphere. Also want to say that the camera is zoomed in all the way while I am filming this and when the object maximizes it's luminosity and returns back to it's supposed normal brightness?...it isn't a result of me zooming in or out in case anyone might have thought that. This thing literally tripled in size if not more in a matter of seconds. Funny too that it returns back to it's original size and shape right after I note how bright it is...form of communication? Also want to note that when the video is slowed down, you can see it changing colors...I have noticed violet, green, red, orange, pink... I couldn't tell at the exact altitude it was flying but it wasn't that high up...maybe a thousand ft up or so? Anyway...I tried my best to film it and act accordingly and I know i'm not the most articulate in this but I was more focused on filming it then trying to decide how to describe the object and the conditions, ect, ect I'm also not really into night sightings as most of my sightings are during the day surprisingly but lately I have been seeing some weird shit during the night so I have been doing a lil star gazing. Also sorry for the quality...the camera records video in high definition but even so...i'm sure it doesn't meet some standards lol Also...I know most people who see small lights in the sky that resemble stars almost would probably think that most of these objects are likely satellites but i'm not so convinced as I have seen remarkably a lot of these supposed satellites appear and disappear and explode in huge flashes of light and return back to normal and disappear and then reappear...also pulsate beautiful vibrant colors, ect...haven't seen any doing anything really crazy like split into multiple objects or maneuver at 90 degree right angles at incredible speeds but the behavior I think is still suspicious...Those are my thoughts lol Also for best quality, it's best to watch in high def but that's obvious. This was also taken around 10:30 in case anyone might wonder... Here is a link to my other ufo material if your interested. All my ufo material will be to the left. I actually have some really good day time photos and some of actual flying disk like objects that are legit and also links on videos, ecthttp://unspoken411.deviantart.com/gallery/Here is a direct link to download the video file so you can play it on your own media so you can slow it down and see it pulsate different colors for yourself if ya want...http://www.sockshare.com/file/88E90E23BAE2FCEE

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