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UFO - The Aliens Closer than We Think - Full Documentary


  • Human101101011#

    Human101101011 July 6, 2013 9:54:48 PM CEST

    Angel u dont understand they are part of universe as u are and human is not the first one on this planet,show themselves for what reason ,if they want us dad they could done it 1mil.years ago ,help us?,we are destroying this planet as we are self destructive species.We are slaves for gov.use.U dont need to know cos u are a product,like all of as.And if is boring to u,watch some thing u like.

  • angel6#

    angel6 July 6, 2013 12:45:33 AM CEST

    How much longer are we having to have blurry pictures or burred and distant flying objects , it's become very boring, they should show themselves or scram and leave us alone

  • Rizze#

    Rizze July 5, 2013 8:35:30 PM CEST

    It was worth watching again (thanks) 5*

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