Chosen People and the Promised Land - Part 4

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Typical example of a person who was drunk with the old wine of letters was Saul who later on became Apostle Paul. Saul was an ardent student of Rabbi Gamaliel, an old scholar of the Scriptures. He obeyed the moral laws of Moses by the letters and un-like the other Jews of flesh, he did perform acts in accordance with the moral laws of Moses. For devotion to God, he, like the others highly devoted people, was leading a celibate life and, therefore, there was no question of immorality with him. Thus, Saul was morally good and had great inclination towards God but he was drunk blind with the old wine of letters. Because of his clean heart and devotion towards God that the Christ Jesus came into his life and shook off his old wine of the letters through the Damascus miracle of Lightening. The degree of blindness that the letters had caused in him towards spirit is best sensed through the thickness of scales that came off his eyes. For Saul, it was a new birth in Spirit and, therefore, in honour of the Christ Jesus he changed his name from Saul to Paul. Taking into consideration the above, the present theologians of letters in the universities and colleges are doing a great deal of harm to the Christianity of Jesus by producing the blind Sauls drunk with the old wine of letters of both the old and the New Testaments and thus creating a far greater spiritual blindness than that which St.Paul had experienced. And if you can realise that the Christ Jesus came into the world because the manly priests or the moral teachers in the name of Moses had become corrupt - Thomas Logo 102: Jesus said, Woe to the Pharisees, for they are like a greedy dog sleeping in the manger of oxen hard working people, for neither does he eat, cannot understand Gospel, nor does he let the oxen eat, ordinary people who can understand Gospel. The Christ Jesus being the living Mediator between God and us, we do not stand in the need of any manly interposer such as the present Pope, false fathers, bishops, the reverend, etc., the super hypocrites. We being the children of Light are Royal Priests and Royal Kings of living God of the living present. Then by comparing the present dead clerics with the corrupt and blind Pharisees and Sadducees in the name of Moses, you will come to the conclusion that the present clerics are far worse off than those blind guides of the blind. Thus, the present clerics are the people, who are worst of all drunk with the old wine of letters, and therefore, they are very incapable of taking the New Wine of Spirit. Thus, the best Workers of Christ Jesus are the ordinary working class people with inclination towards God. Remembering that you cannot sell something that you have received Free, His Word is received Free and, therefore, It is to be preached Free. The act of receiving free and giving free is called a Royal Act. Therefore, the present clerics are neither the Royal Priests called the Christs because they are paid for their services i.e. they are the hirelings of Mammon. Nor they are the Royal Kings in that they are mostly the greedy parasites (dogs) of churches, which are nothing else but the social clubs of Mammon that are nowhere near the serving and sharing communities of the Christ Jesus that set the first Churches of God headed by the Christ Jesus up. In fact, a hireling of Mammon commits an act of treason if he preaches the Gospel of God instead of the atrocities of Mammon. Thus, none of the Apostles of Jesus was a hireling and St.Paul, Who if he had to stay longer than usual earned His living by making tents. However, let us return to our main theme, the Chosen People. Thus, the Christ Jesus came among His own chosen people but they maltreated Him in the manner outlined by Him in the Parable of the wicked husbandmen Matt.21.33-46. Whilst in Matt. 23.34-39, Jesus counts some of the favours that God had rendered to the chosen people and describes how arrogantly they reacted to such favours of God. As the Jews of flesh drunk with the old wine of the letters rejected the Christ Jesus, the very Son of God, God displayed His anger against such arrogant and un-faithful to God people by destroying their Holiest of Holy Temple in the world in 70 A.D. Thomas Logo 71: Jesus said, I shall destroy (this) House (Jerusalem Temple), and no one will be able to re-build it. Emperor Julian attempted re-building of the Temple in 363 A.D. but a mysterious fire destroyed it.

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