Syrian Army Large scale operations in Jobar

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Syrian army began large-scale military operation on the headquarters of militants "victory Front" in Jobar Rural Damascus. In the meantime found a cache Israeli army confirms the involvement of armed groups with the parties to the Israeli military in Jobar. After مواكبتنا to military control over half of Jobar, now began large-scale military operation from several directions to complete the remaining cleanup of the neighborhood, the goal of which the provisions of the ring more on militants and besieged . He said a field commander of the Al-Alam news that "military operations began in the neighborhood of Jobar on two axes, while pursuing army military operations towards the tunnel Harmala," stressing that the militants are of different nationalities Arab and non-Arab countries of Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Sudan, Afghanistan, Chechnya and other nationalities. We got the remaining portion of the rotor sawmills, a real battlefield, contactless lines first, violent clashes between the Syrian army and armed men, most of them non-Syrian nationalities, and never having to civilians in the area who have left the is not Balgaribh . Informed military sources told us about there Dshma mismatch in designed Dshma the Israeli were discovered after the war 73 in Tel Aviv, in Kenitra logo, evidence that the armed groups link devices Israeli entity in this place . Jobar, is the spearhead of the armed groups coming from all rural areas and with the completion of the process as it is planned left in front of the army Harmalah tunnel adjacent to the southern Shaved main artery of the capital Damascus, to declare the entire area a safe area.

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