1776 - The Signing (1972)

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From the Columbia released film of the musical play "1776", this is the scene in which the Continental Congress signs the Declaration of Independence. It's the finale of the film - end titles and music are included. Music by Sherman Edwards."1776" starred William Daniels (John Adams), Howard Da Silva (Benjamin Franklin), Ken Howard (Thomas Jefferson), Donald Madden (John Dickinson), David Ford (John Hancock), and John Collum (Edward Rutledge). Both the DVD and the VHS versions are available for purchase at Amazon.com NOTE: There is available a fully restored DIRECTOR'S CUT version, on DVD.This clip is from my VHS copy that I purchased long ago. :) Copyright now belongs to Sony Pictures, and I'll remove this clip if they want me to - but I think the presence of this clip might increase sales of the DVD, since the film is seldom seen on TV these days. I think it's an excellent, and timeless, film, and probably should be in everyone's collection. Total run time of the film is about 140 minutes.

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