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EU, US challenged over Morales plane drama

  • Uploaded by grimghost on Jul 5, 2013
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An unexpected side trip to Vienna for Bolivia's President Evo Morales. That's because France, Spain, Portugal and Italy refused to let his plane fly through their airspace after rumors surfaced that whistleblower Edward Snowden might be on board. Then Austrian officials confirmed that Snowden was not aboard. The Bolivians squarely put the blame on Washington for Morales' unexpected side trip. In an exclusive interview with Press TV, Bolivia's ambassador in France believes the move had been planned. European leaders have been quick to express their regret, but emotions are running high in La Paz and many other South American capitals. Bolivia says Paris and other European countries will have a lot of explaining to do. The Union of South American Nations has released a statement saying the group rejects categorically the dangerous act of denying Morales' plane access. The leaders of these countries have also agreed to discuss the matter, called the situation very serious. The Snowden Affair and the closing down of airspace to the Presidential aero plane of Bolivia has raised security, diplomatic and political storms and the dust from these storms will not be settling down any time soon.

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