Makeshift bomb lab found during police raid in Russia

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Russian police and Federal Security Service (FSB) agents raided an illegal bomb-making lab in north-eastern Moscow, detaining a single suspect on Friday. The suspect struggled as authorities pinned him to the ground, and resisted until police managed to handcuff the shirtless man. Authorities discovered bottles and containers holding a range of volatile and explosive chemicals, dozens of cell phones and SIAM cards, literature on demolition materials, wiring, and other equipment used to prepare home-made bombs. Refusing to give authorities any information, the man sang loudly as he was led out to his vehicle. According to a press release issued by Russia's Interior Ministry, the suspect tried to destroy evidence of his illegal activity stored on his electronic hardware. The suspect even possessed an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) - capable of transporting a 300 gram payload - as well as a radio capable of scanning police broadcasts. Investigators believe the lab was set up by one man in a rented flat in north-eastern Moscow. Police evacuated the entire 12-storey residential building after the man was detained, citing the danger from explosive chemicals.

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