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UFO lights over North Myrtle Beach 20th June 2013

  • Uploaded by Grey on Jul 6, 2013
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Source: MUFONFilmers comments: I regularly witness many bright quick flashing bright white lights that travel in groups and when in particular locations they emmitt orange glowing lights that accelerate away from me rapidly. at times it looks like the orbs are multipting one after the other and i have seen them make a long string of these orange lights 20+ in numbers. i have now seen these particular lights over my house and within 500 feet of me at least 75 times!!! local news has even covered it a few times even contacting f.a.a and shaw airforce basu themselves, nothing came out of it, air force had no training exercises in our state.Note: This video is distributed freely and constitutes as 'fair use' under section 107 of US Law.

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