Lunar Lore : Episode One - No Smoke Without Fire

First in a new series from Vivid Pictures, Lunar Lore Episode One Exploring the various theories and legends associated with the Moon, Lunar Lore : Episode One begins by establshing the idea that there are severe problems with the photographic record of the Apollo Moon Landings. These inconsistencies have led many to believe that man may never have walked on the moon, in addition they have catalyzed a wealth of theories, stories, legends and lore as to what is really up there and what may be being kept from us. Episode One - "No Smoke without Fire" features excerpts from the following documentaries/videos : Aron Ranen's - Did We Go? Bart Sibrel's - A Funny Thing Happened on the way to the Moon Bart Sibrel's - Astronauts Gone Wild What Really Happened on the Moon? Featuring the Research of: Marcus Allen (NOTE- Apologies for Mis-spelling the name in the video) Ralph Rene David Percy Chris Everard Aron Ranen Bart Sibrel with additional thanks to : Bill Kaysing Jay Weidner Jarrah White Lunar Lore Episode One - Compiled and edited by the Strawman (paul:falconer) for Vivid Pictures. Music by Paul Falconer title music : Astrolander - from the game "Timesplitters 2"

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