Los Angeles UFO -July 3rd 2013 - Part 1

  • Uploaded by 8seconds on Jul 7, 2013
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Witness States: The camera does not capture it too well but i could see them better with my naked eyes. The two objects seemed to be floating parallel to each other with the object on top being stationary and the one below it revolving, then they would switch places and repeat the motion. They also seemed to be morphing and at times slowing down. In my other videos you will notice that they rose closer to the clouds and became stationary for a while and for a few seconds separated then came back together. I see these "Objects" floating about most of the time when i take my break at 1pm. The very first one i saw was like a glowing fuzzy orb, followed by two others going steadily in the other direction, then there was this one that had strobing crimzon lights the undulated as it moved out of sight. I now carry a camera in my car, albeit a cheap one but if i have the resources to upgrade i will do so. I would also advise others to be vigilant and look up as often as they can and scan the skies for these objects because from what i have seen they are every where. Are they drones or visitors i have no way to confirm but everyone should look up Mehran Keshe and listen to an interview or two of his. Also if you haven't already, watch THRIVE the documentary and maybe even SIRIUS although i found it somewhat lacking in substance, and you will see what is the technology behind these objects and why we are not told about it. KNOWLEDGE is power, empower yourself :)

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