Eliott Edge and Gabriel D. Roberts - Simulation hypothesis, Life is a Video Game, Science, Mysticism

  • Uploaded by Harlekin on Jul 7, 2013
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Eliott Edge of OddEdges and Gabriel D. Roberts of Disinfo discuss Simulation hypothesis, Digital Mechanics, Life is a Video Game: The Movie, Tom Campbell and My Big TOE, Science, and Mysticism. This clip is a preview of the full hour interview.postmodernism, digimodernism, cyborg anthropology, avant-garde, comedy, mst3k, mario, koopa, surreal, surrealism, remix, mash up, russel brand, normal, heteronormative, funny, sick, weird, exhibitionism, freaky, pokemon, pixel, vector, retro, social norms, society, culture, religion, world culture, history, anime, manga, chibi, reality tunnel, comic trigger, the sims, comscinousness, simulation, digital physics, universe, computable, emergence, digital, edward fredkin, digital philosophy, wheeler, it from bit, seth lloyd, kit quantum computer, programming the universe, information, meaning, symbol, physical, tupac hologram, alchemy, newton, maya, illusion, observer, measurement problem, a computable universe, sir roger penrose, careers, ambition, the matrix, timing, monoform editing, electron photon coupling, unrendered, minecraft, bit, glitch, tom campbell, my big toe, yoda, the force, degoba, luck, anakin, skywalker, everything, theory of everything, big theory of everything, mystical school, philosophy, the while, schopenhauer, fable, wilt chamberlin, jedi, with, lightsaber, zelda, legend of zelda, link ocarina of time, wii, nintendo, abilities, sword, choice, free will, subjectivity, subjective, video game, space, deep space, stars, galaxies, evolution microwave background radiation, big bang, ex nihilo, naivet, mousetrap, polytheism, monotheism, atheism, antithesis, skepticism, agnostic, alan kirby, knowledge, truth, limits of knowledge, limits of language, basketball, shakespeare, ultra compact galaxy, grow, biology, emergence, game of life, john conway, alpha, genesis

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