Raw: Moment of impact Asiana Airline Flight 214 crash in San Francisco Airport

  • Uploaded by *WillEase* on Jul 7, 2013
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Dramatic footage emerged Sunday afternoon of an Asiana Boeing 777 crash landing at San Francisco International Airport, showing the massive jet losing its tail and skidding down the runway on Saturday. This is the raw video of the accident. The plane was en route from Seoul, South Korea. Two people are reported dead, and over one hundred were injured. Officials have not yet determined the cause of the crash. Witness Fred Hayes videotaped the crash, and said he noticed the plane's nose was too high in the air as it descended. "It was definitely coming in low," Hayes told CNN, "but the nose was up, and that's what really caught me. The nose was really pitched up in the air...It appeared to me that the pilot was trying to convert the landing." In the video, the 777 approaches in from the right side of the screen and seems to bounce upon impact, and then rear up further down the runway before white smoke and orange flame burst around it. Hayes's film appears to be the first video of the actual crash, rather than the aftermath.

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