Thousands of anti-govt. protesters return to Istanbul's Taksim square

  • Uploaded by grimghost on Jul 8, 2013
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The sound of tear gas constantly echoes throughout Istanbul's iconic Taksim Square. Anti-government protesters gather in adjacent streets leading to the square in their thousands; however they are met by heavy police presence. The protesters say Turkish Prime Minister Raccip Tayyip Erdogan is scared of them and does not want the world to see a large number of Turks showing up against his rule at the square. They chant slogans calling Erdogan a fascist and dictator. The protests started around a month ago when peaceful demonstrators demanded that they did not want the renovation of Gezi park, which is the last remaining green area attached to Taksim Square. According to local Turkish media, the protests have cost Erdogan a 7% decrease in his public approval rating. As you can see anti-government protests continue on the side streets of Taksim Square because the square itself is under a heavy police presence. Protesters are here to say that although Gezi Park development projects will not go ahead as planned, they still want the downfall of the government. Several were reportedly wounded and many others detained during Saturday protests, however exact numbers are still unknown. The protestors are planning to continue their rallies on Sunday on the Asian side of Istanbul in solidarity with those in Taksim.

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