First two husbands of the Samaritan Woman at well

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First two husbands of the Samaritan Woman at well John 4 -- Part 1:- This exposition may look extremely odd to the blind theologians of letters in that all the five husbands of the Samaritan woman, not stated anywhere else in the Bible by name, have be...

First two husbands of the Samaritan Woman at well John 4 -- Part 1:- This exposition may look extremely odd to the blind theologians of letters in that all the five husbands of the Samaritan woman, not stated anywhere else in the Bible by name, have been identified both by names and in nature. These five spiritual husbands are well-known to the students called Sikhs of SATGURU NANAK DEVJI, the second anointed Christ but the narrow mindedness of the people of letters hinders them from perceiving in this liberal field of spirit. Thus, the popular interpretation of John 4 by the men of letters leads the people to the inference that the Samaritan woman was indeed leading a very immoral, sinful and disgraceful life, an interpretation by the letters which is just the opposite of that by the spirit. In fact, by the letters, His Treasures always hang upside down and, therefore, such interpretations of the Parables by the men of letters are not rare. In general, the theologians know that the Gospel of John is highly spiritual and, therefore, it is not so easy to understand. In fact, John 4 and Matt.19 are the most difficult Parables to understand of all the Parables. The five husbands of the Samaritan woman mentioned by John were not the physical ones with which the natural people of flesh, the hylics, are quite familiar with but they were rather the spiritual or the abstract ones that the people of both sexes are liable to be dominated by. Thus, in order to appreciate the beauty of His Treasures buried in this Parable of John\'s, let us first study the nature of these spiritual husbands whose number is limited to five only:- Briefly, a religious person of high standing should have both body and heart circumcised. The body is circumcised of sins by obeying the moral laws of Moses and to this effect the forerunner John, the Baptist of the priestly Levi stock came in the name of Elijah. This involves mostly rituals, which are related to the six types of works. These are three holy and three evil as depicted in the David\'s Cross. It is worth stating here the criteria of an ideal moral teacher, which is stressed by Jesus in Matt.13.52: He said to him, Therefore every teacher of the (moral) law who has been instructed about the kingdom of heaven is like the (hereditary) owner of a house (temple or Synagogue), who brings out of his storeroom (of religious knowledge or gnosis) New Treasures (His Word, that is branded as the New Unshrunk Cloth untouched by human hands) as well as old (the written moral laws of Moses, Abraham, etc. that were passed from father to son in a hereditary manner and they were interpreted by the letters). Whilst the circumcision of heart involves the purification of the heart of the five specific spiritual temptations, robbers or diseases by worshipping God in Holy spirit. The five specific spiritual temptations of the heart are:- 1. LUST FOR SEX called KAAM in Panjabi is purely flesh related that can tempt you to commit such immoral acts as fornication is the temptation in which the lust of flesh dominates. Shame or conscience being the foundation of religion is acquired by overpowering one\'s lust for sex or immorality through the determination of one\'s heart. This is number one husband and when you overpower the lust for sex then it is living with you but no more husbanding or dominating you. 2. ANGER called KARODH in Panjabi is ego related that hinders and impairs one\'s logical Reasoning capabilities and, therefore, it is not at all beneficial or helpful in the understanding of the Spiritual Principles of life i.e. His Word that a wise man led by Holy ghost may try to impart to you through logical Reasoning or preaching Gospel. This is the dominating weakness of the hylics, who are led by ego and, therefore, they are incapable of understanding the matters of spirit. The simpletons being incapable of understanding the logic of Spiritual Principles, they normally get angry and retort abusively in order to cover up their ignorance of His Word when a sensible person may dare to preach them the abstract Word of God through heart-to-heart discussions. Such anger due to spiritual ignorance was displayed by the arrogant Peter in Matt.16.22 and 23: Peter took Him aside and began to rebuke Him. Perish the thought, Lord, he said, This shall never happen to You. Jesus (knowing that as the result of Peter being told that you have received Gospel Truth had become arrogant and anger has entered the otherwise pure of heart simpleton Peter) turned and rebuked Peter, Out of My sight, Satan! You are a stumbling block to Me; you do not have in mind the (abstract) things of God (His Will), but the (concrete) things of men. Link to my table on Trinity

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