Wisconsin: Nuclear Alert on Nuclear Emergency Tracking Center

  • Uploaded by Nofork160 on Jul 9, 2013
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Here's the Nuclear Emergency Tracking Center site http://www.netc.com/ Madison Wisconsin shows Alert status224Station ID 5:505 Madison, WI, USCPM: current 224 Low 119 High 275Average 165, Deviation 29.6(CPM of Gamma in energy range 600-800keV) RADCON 1 NORM RADCON 2 Rising RADCON 3 Elevated RADCON_4_Concern/Watch RADCON_5_ALERTsThe Hartford CT Alert is no longer there as of 7/8/13Go to NETC Forum to view topics of radiation, health effects, etc. Become a member and join in the discussion about the growing interest in radiation, monitoring sites, health issues and many other ideas. https://www.netc.com/bb/NRC Event Notifications http://tinyurl.com/coxp7original upload by theoldmarine1http://tinyurl.com/jvfptk5

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