Cases show corruption will be tolerated when done by Police.

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The feds are corrupt, the State is corrupt, and the Courts are picking the lightest charges to charge their own. This way people can be happy that something was done. However, this simply promotes more corruption by letting other government employees know that criminal behavior will not be punished to the fullest extent of the law. The exact opposite will be done. The moral of this story here is that the fullest extent of the law is used only against criminals and againts regular people who are working an honest job and are simply trying to support their families. This in reality means everyone but criminals with some kind of badge. If you are a government agent or an agent for an agency working for the government in some way, the very same laws mean nothing. This is the sad truth. A person with a suspended license in California can do the same amount of jail time as the cop that hacked into the email accounts and passwords of 21 fellow officers and nine others. The very same officer at least two times, used the NIRC database without authorization to look up information on two officers whose private email accounts he'd secretly obtained. Here is more proof that absolute power corrupts absolutely. Just remember, If you are watching this video, you are the resistance. Here's a story proving people will shoot cops. story proving the CIA is trying to hide what americans already know. Bin Laden raid being kept secret

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