The Spirit Worlds - Sevan Bomar - Astral Quest - Season 1 Episode 5 - 01-27-13 Direct Link: stralquest/premier Tired of getting played like you can't handle the truth? Well now is your time to see clearly what has remained hidden. Are you feeling like you are being held back and cannot progress? Now is your time to learn about the elements that cause such misfortunes and how to rid yourself of such energies for good. Topics Discussed: Why its imperative to raise your frequency to avoid the vacuum of life and how to do it fast! Ideas - Invisible and wholly constructed on energy, what are they? Intelligent Mammals and Intelligent Reptiles Quantum Grammar - Hidden words within all languages. The Feathered Father Mythos Why you cannot always see Souls. Gateway Drugs and Banishing Rituals how it all connects. Why the Ocean is Space. SI - The Simulation Fleshly Knowledge versus Heavenly Wisdom - The Snake and the Bird unencrypted.

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